Part 2 Section 1 – Why Are You Here? Part III

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9 thoughts on “Part 2 Section 1 – Why Are You Here? Part III

  1. Things have happened to me and I want to understand more fully
    I want to be able to feel comfortable checking into my vibes
    I feel I am meant to help others and mostly me
    I want to u derstand my angels

  2. Selfserving > Spirit:
    1.Be more “likeable”/ nicer to be around
    2. I’m miserable w/who I am and how I act around people
    3. If I don’t do this work, my life is HELL
    4. Have my life go easier…Go w/ the Flow
    5. I can’t NOT do this, It has been a part of who I AM, I don’t energetically feel in balance if I don’t follow the guidance.
    6. Self-transformation- I want to like myself and how I act
    7.To better understand how to work with my students (non-verbal children) and animals
    8. Add light to the world/universe
    9. Help to Heal others/all creatures Great and Small.
    10 It called me – I’m heeding the call. It’s bigger than me, alone.

  3. 1 fear that everything its only in my imagination
    2 in love with the unexpected
    3 being a good animal communicator
    4 no more feeling lonely in the universe
    5 the need to feeling connected to something bigger
    6 maybe my ego need to feel special
    7 want to trust , to be faithful

  4. How do I go about sensing, experiencing, interpreting my vibes? It feels like a mister, got to get still inside and then it seems to come up and meets at imaging and then articulate. Interesting to note, I recognized after t hi

  5. Reasons( continued)
    12. To make things better t Han how I find them, to improve my own and everyone around me quality of life to improve, eradicate, hate, mischief and jealousy

    Realizing I have to acknowledge all that in myself and approach my life “from a clear lens, a Spirit lens, the 7th dimension lens. I recognized it’s essential I know the rules , the “frequencies” of each dimension before attempting movement toward or within another- and also allow myself the joy of integrating, celebrating and learning in tandem- without cruelty. Cause cruelty isn’t truth, kindness is

  6. I’m reading my husband who’s working outside- here we go- ” I got the image of looking at sun dappled trees, floating down a calm river and holding each other in peace”. Sonia said to read, not interpret or assign meaning! 😊

  7. Ten qualities that brought me her:
    1. Fear
    2. Failure
    3. Desire to feel connected to something bigger than miserable existence
    4. Peace of mind
    5. Joy happiness
    6 fun of community
    7 wanting to understand
    8 wanting to know myself, the best and worst, all of it
    9 unrequited love – hoping to be “a pillar” of society
    10 hopes of fame fortune and fulfillment
    11 the impulse of my future self, higher self, or something in me that’s solid, true, real, honest, intelligent,, fun and beautiful- so creative and smart

  8. I’m not able to read or feel the frequencies yet. I hope it will come to me.

  9. Good message on authenticity.

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