Part 2B Section 8 – Transition Energy and How it Affects You Part III

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2 thoughts on “Part 2B Section 8 – Transition Energy and How it Affects You Part III

  1. I need to practice so that the cube and the vibe check become easier Allowing the vibrations of otgphers. Frequencies always make me tired. My number one thing is the cube. Vibe check will be second. The main purpose is to protect me.

  2. What I’m doing now
    1. clearing/cleaning my living and working spaces of junk and excess.
    2. I’ve finished my college courses to allow for 5 more years of my wonderful work w/angelic children
    3. I”m taking this course to improve my communication with the spirits of those around me. specifically my non-verbal students

    supportive practices:
    I could be stopping to breathe on a more regular basis.
    This would help bring me back to center- another thisn I need to do.

    Things that need to go:
    1. Quit trying to save the “less fortunate” (specifically the unappreciative “homeless by choice/actions).
    2. give up the “If I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done right” attitude. It’s exhausting and generates more anger on both sides.
    3. Covering my rear–afraid of not being perfect. Let my imperfections bring change.

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