Part 1 Guides – How Do Guidance Already Touch Your Life? Part III

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5 thoughts on “Part 1 Guides – How Do Guidance Already Touch Your Life? Part III

  1. In meditation guidence touches my life. When I’m done sometimes I remember things that are very important that I had forgotten about. And sometimes see through my third eye. And I know things but I am afraid to believe it. And I know now to believe from the experience. I went through after. Thank u Sonia you are a great teacher. ❤

  2. Many times encounter them but now i am open to be listening to them all day long ! Thank you Sonia i hope i will make it possible !!

  3. As I was listening to the miracle story, I did wonder why Sonia and her friend, who never imagined it was possible to pass through a portal, were able to have that experience. Maybe it was the tomato soup fast that weakened their inner critic?

    I’m eager to rekindle my imagination and be open to all kinds of possibilities.

  4. I love how you said “Guidance is vibration”. That is so profound and it makes so much sense! Love love love!!

  5. Yes it is time to re member my imagination… thank you!

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