Part 1 Section 4 – Cube Of Space Meditation I

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4 thoughts on “Part 1 Section 4 – Cube Of Space Meditation I

  1. I did have my ego voice telling me I was missing information or not doing the exercise properly and I told myself I’ll have to scrap this attempt and do it again next week. But then the message I felt from the luminaries was, don’t give up now and wait until next week to really focus and listen, get on track right now. Every ‘now moment’ is an opportunity to do better.

  2. What an affirming experience. As you gave the direction/area of the cube and then the name I was already experiencing their energies before you described each Arch Angel’s attributes. I needed that. The knowledge of truth vs wondering if I was making it all up.
    Each frequency was clearly different and felt like the attribute that you described. I was laughing as soon as I felt Rafael. The card reading (the ArtFool) you gave me 2 weeks ago indicated that I needed to begin creating art in some form.

    The question I have is about the directions N<S<E<W. Is our physical position ( the way we are facing) relevant to the direction in which we will experience each force. I could see and feel that you were channeling this as you presented, so I'm assuming yes. And that I just need to experience it w/in my cube each time.

  3. What is love to you? What does your life matter to you? I’m in the Miami airport and didn’t play the song and just ” move out my bloated mind ” 😂 These questions came to me as I approach the next lesson. Giving what is my life all I’ve got and will allow what may emerge to come. Thank you, Sonia, six months it will be! Let me play in the awarenesses of all I may be and surrender to how love wants to express me. The ideas of shifting, changing my perceptions from places of a higher frequency than I am currently capable of standing in, and just paying attention is a powerful message. I can notice ( can=have the power). What might arise?

  4. What you are saying is interesting, but, I’m not feeling any of the frequencies you are talking about. I think I’ll review the last few lessons again. It seems that’s where I started getting “lost”. I’m not sure this is the class for me, but, will give it more time. LOVE “Ask Your Guides” audiobook and am a fan of yours.

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