Part 2B Section 8 – Transition Energy and How it Affects You Part II

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2 thoughts on “Part 2B Section 8 – Transition Energy and How it Affects You Part II

  1. My intention is to be able to protect myself and learn more about my abilities. I recently went to a family party and I felt like I had been running 10 miles. The atmosphere was horribly negative. Now I know how to enter my self better. I hope I can avoid something like that happening to me again.

  2. My overall intention remains the same, but my current intention will be to clear my sacred place, of energies that do not support my greater good/my ultimate intention. The question “Do I love myself enough to become completely conscious?” really hit me in the heart chakra. I’ve listened to this lesson 3 times as I know I need to REALLY get this. Self love has been a struggle whose time has come. This is the grand step that I need to take.
    I am starting with clearing my space (literally my living space) of people who are not supportive of a higher vibrational way of life. I have been a constant victim of my own poor choices over who to allow under my roof. I keep hoping for someone who actually wants to help me as I assist them. Yesterday I informed 2 people that their stay is complete and they must leave. I explained that I deserved have my rules followed and my space kept sacred. I will return to my former O tolerance for the use of “energy modifying substances”. I’ve been allowing lower vibrations under my roof and have not had a safe place to let my guard down. Now, I know why I’m so tired, I haven’t truly relaxed in a long time.

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