Part 2 Section 3 – Not Truths

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Come up with a list of 5 things that are True about you, and a few that are not true.

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4 thoughts on “Part 2 Section 3 – Not Truths

  1. After the Chakra Scan what came to me was humor. More Laughter. More lightheartedness. 🙂

  2. Five things that are true about me in this moment:
    – passive to my wants and needs- stuck on past failures to create
    – dismissive of my gifts as subservient to those that are proven in the world
    – wary of faith- an excuse maker when I want to take action
    – silly, giddy, mistaking sober approaches to life and circumstances- avoiding or placating my desires as unnecessary
    – disbelieving of the guidance that is; clumping everything together- unwilling to see the work as true to my highest desires- excuse maker rather than creator – won’t make creative risks to stretch

    Wow- what am I doing here? That picture seems bleak, dull and boring “get a life of your own, Lee. Or rather own this beautiful life you inhabit! Live up- raise your frequency- allow the subtleties of a spiritual life to begin, learn anew! Love deep into yourself and judge less.

    1. Just wondering how you are doing now, Lee? I’m on my way through the course right now.

  3. This infomation didn’t really come to me.

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